There are a number of options for straightening your teeth. Not only are straight teeth more aesthetically appealing, they are also easier to clean and more resistant to wear. While braces have been commonly part of teenage dentistry for many years, we now frequently treat adults. Straightening your teeth will improve your smile and can improve confidence and self-esteem. Talk to us at your next appointment about what option would been suitable for you.


Invisible Braces

clearstepClearstep is a system designed to straighten teeth discreetly, with inconspicuous positioners rather than metal brackets. The Clearstep® system uses clear, custom-made positioners to gradually move teeth into proper alignment. Patients progress to a new positioner every couple of weeks. The positioners are clear and thin, and also removable, making eating, drinking, and brushing much simpler. For more information visit clearstep.co.uk.


Fixed Appliances


These are what are commonly known as ‘train-tracks’. This consists of small metal or tooth coloured brackets cemented to the teeth and joined together with an orthodontic wire. There are adjustments every 4 to 6 weeks and it usually takes between one and two years to straighten the teeth.


Removable Appliances

These are used when the malocclusion is not too severe or in conjunction with fixed appliances.