Replacing natural teeth


There are many reasons you may wish to replace a natural tooth. Whether you have lost a tooth due to injury, fracture or decay, there are options available to you. Please talk to us at your appointment about the most suitable treatment plan for your mouth.





implantDental Implants

For patients who have missing teeth, dental implants are the best treatment available. Dental implants perform just like natural teeth. If you have healthy gums and jaws, a qualified oral surgeon places an implant, usually made of titanium, into your jaw. Once your gums have grown around the implant, a strong, artificial tooth designed to match your existing teeth can be attached to it. The replacement tooth will look and function just like a natural tooth.


Crowns are caps that cover the entire tooth. Teeth that are badly weakened by decay or trauma may require more treatment than basic fillings. Chipped, cracked, weakened, or decayed teeth can be strengthened with crowns, which look and feel exactly like your own natural teeth.



A bridge is an artificial tooth placed where a tooth is missing. It is cemented to the teeth on each side of the gap either by a crown or “wing” attached to the artificial tooth.



Dentures are removable appliances to replace missing teeth. There are two main types:-

denturesFull denture

A full denture is used when all teeth are missing in one or other jaw. Full dentures are supported by the surrounding soft tissues in the mouth. They can also be held very securely in place when attached to implants.

denture_partialPartial denture

A partial denture is used when only some teeth are missing. There are two main types. An acrylic partial denture is supported by the soft tissues and surrounding teeth. The other type is the cobalt chrome partial denture, where the artificial teeth are placed on a metal framework which in turn is clipped on to the natural teeth.